About Us

With a small customer base, passion for the trade, and a dedicated work ethic, Sanks Machining was started in 1996 by William Sanks in a two-car garage.

Growing weary of working at home and holding down a full-time job, the decision was made to focus on Sanks Machining Inc. full time. In 1997, the first building was erected, more manual machines were purchased, and several employees were hired. After four years of quality work and a growing customer base, the decision was made to purchase their first CNC equipment.

After years of long hours, coupled with running a business, it was time for a commitment from the next generation. In 2011, Dustin Sanks returned to the family business after serving an apprenticeship, spending time in the industry, and learning the importance of business management. Investments were made into new equipment and technology, which increased quality, shortened lead times and increased customer market even further.

metal machining equipment
Tsugami S206-II Machining equipment

In 2014, Dustin expanded the facility by adding 3600 square feet of climate-controlled workspace.

This created a more productive and organized business along with providing a higher level of safety for employees. Dustin made the decision to purchase his father’s company in 2015, and the business has been rapidly growing ever since.

Sanks Machining outgrew the new building addition within a few short years, and in late 2020, planning began for a new 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility to be completed in early 2022. The new building will allow Sanks Machining to acquire more equipment, as well as integrate the most modern technologies, to continually improve on the work quality and production efficiency that their customers have come to expect.

With robust growth over the years and a change in ownership, the core principles of running a successful business have never changed: going above and beyond customer expectations in every aspect, hard work and dedication, and employing highly skilled craftsmen with an intense attention to detail and quality.